Autumn Days in Morioka

Fall has arrived in Morioka. The days are getting shorter and much cooler. Some of us pass golden fields of rice on the way to our middle schools or to Iwate University. The farmers are busy harvesting, perhaps partially because another typhoon is predicted to bring heavy rain in our area.

DSC03630      DSC03612

SICE students have settled into their positions as assistant language teachers in the public middle schools here. They spend two and a half days a week at their schools. It’s a wonderful opportunity to see Japanese education from the inside. Here’s a look at SICE ALTs in their classrooms.






Being in the classroom also involves helping individual students during class.


Hope is ready to listen to each student in the class introduce a friend to her. Good luck!

When not in the middle schools the students are taking classes at Iwate University. The new semester began the first of October, so there are various new students in the Japanese classes.

Iwate University

In Japan people talk about autumn being the season for sports, good appetites, and reading. Hopefully, we can enjoy all three.

The University Festival is next weekend. We’re making Rice Crispy Treats to sell. There will be food from all over the world.

More later on Autumn’s increased appetite!


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